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IPTV4K APK, Malaysia ASTRO All Channel /Singapore/Indonesia /International IPTV Subscription

Key Features:
1. Support ALL Android devices incuding Android box/phone/emulator/smart TV,/tablet.
2. Switch device FREELY by the same user account.
3. Support playback and EPG
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    3 month(100D)
    6 month(200D)
    1 year(400D)
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IPTV4K APK,Malaysia ASTRO All Channel /Singapore/Indonesia  /International IPTV Subscription
(220+ live channels & 500+ VOD films)

IPTV4K is the “Sister” version of MyIPTV4K
Why do we release "IPTV4K" apk? 
1.A large number of users have accumulated on Myiptv4K. During peak hours, it caused network congestion, resulting in program freeze or link failure. The release of IPTV4K is to share the pressure for Myiptv4K. Currently these two apks work simultaneously.
2. Network operators in certain countries have blocked Myiptv4K's program links, which has caused Myiptv4K's programs to fail to connect in some networks. IPTV4K has adopted a new communication protocol to overcome these obstacles. Now it can be compatible with more operators' networks such as Unifi, Singtel, Starhub, etc.

New features of IPTV4K relative to Myiptv4K:
1. IPTV4K uses the same program source as Myiptv4k, so the program content and quality are the same. However, the IPTV4K server is more stable, the program is smoother, and the channel switching is faster.
2. Support the playback function. Almost all Astro programs support playback and support 7Days EPG.
3. Adopting a different communication protocol from myiptv4k, IPTV4K is compatible with more internet providers such as Unifi, Singtel, Starhub, etc.
4. Compatible with more Android version devices, such as Android 4.
5. The user account structure of the usual "user + password" is adopted, which is more in line with public habits.
6. Switch device FREEELY by the same user account.

How to choose between IPTV4K and Myiptv4K?
1. If you are already using Myiptv4K and playing normally, you can continue to use it. If it is not possible to play or smooth, it is recommended to choose IPTV4K when renewal.
2. For new purchases, it is recommended to purchase IPTV4K customization. IPTV4K server is more stable, more feature-rich, better compatible, and smoother programs.

    Although IPTV4K and Myiptv4K use the same program source and the same package, the two servers are different, so the subscriptions of the two CANNOT be
converted and replaced between each other.

APK Icon:
1. Support  3, 6, 12 month subscription. 
2. Sorry, no free trial by now.

Live TV Channel Package:
1. MalaysiaASTRO all channels
2. Singaporehot TV channels
3. Indonesia hot pay-TV channels
4. International hot pay-TV channels
5.      ……

VOD Programs: 500+ films by now
1.    English
2.    Momedy
3.    Animation
5.    Action

Devices Supported: 
Almost all Android devices

1. Android TV box 
2. Android mobile phone
3. Android PC
4. Android Tablet/iPAD
5. Android Smart TV


1. Support Android 4.0 or higher version. 
2. Plug & Play. No need dish antenna. Workable at anywhere and anytime in the world as long as there is internet.
3. Live TV channel resolution: 720p-1080p
4. New channels are updated online automatically.
5. Channel switch time: 3-5 sec
6. Bandwidth required:
SD channel: ≥ 2Mbit,
HD channel: ≥ 4Mbit

Channel List:
Please visit , it tells you all.

What look like?

User Guide:

For Android device:
1. Please download the apk installation file on .
2.    Copy the “*.APK” file to a USB disk.
3.    Insert the USB disk onto box. Install the APK from the USB disk by "AppInstaller" or open the apk file in "File Manager" on your box. 
4. Run the apk and activate your subscription by your user account (Username + Password).
Warning: Please remember your user account most carefully. It's necessary for your login/switch device.It is strongly recommended that you write the user name and password on the label and paste it on your device to prevent forgetting. If the user or password is lost, we cannot help the customer retrieve the password. Please be sure to know.

5. Settings:
6. Switch devices and transfer user account:
  Once your subscription is activated, you can watch the programs on almost any Android devices by the same user account. But at one moment, you can only enjoy the subscription on one device, CANNOT share the subscription on more than one device at the same moment. So, if you want to switch and login on a new device, please logout at first from the previous device,then login on new device.   

7. How to renew the subscription?
    If your subscription has expired, welcome renew it here. When paid, we will give you a new user account (Username + Password). Please just activate it, then you can continue enjoying the subscription. 
1. Sorry, no free trial by now.
2. It's virtual product. Once activated, NO return and refund.
3. Please remember your user account most carefully. It's necessary for your login/switch device.It is strongly recommended that you write the user name and password on the label and paste it on your device to prevent forgetting. If the user or password is lost, we cannot help the you retrieve the password. Please be sure to know.